Smile Aviation, as the leading pilot resource company in China, has worked with over 30 Chinese airlines providing effective and tailored personnel solutions to solve the human resources bottleneck faced by China aviation market.Having highly experienced aviation experts in our team with background of airline pilots,instructors,foreign pilot HR and Manager of Flight Department at the controls insures we are in tune with pilots’ needs and expectations, as well as that of Airlines. After several years’ great efforts, we have been a respectable and trustworthy partner with pilots and airlines.

Smile Aviation has contracted with more than 100 pilots all over the world and assisted them in finding a new life and career in China.We have physical office in Shenzhen,China,which is one of the most energetic cities close to Hong Kong. We've held 20 more pilot job fairs and screening worldwide for Chinese airlines and receive great feedback in terms of the passing rate and better understanding between pilots and airlines.

Working with Smile Aviation you know you are working with aviation professionals that understand the needs of airlines operations and assist in all that is required during your transition and throughout your contract. We understand your needs and the needs of your family and strive for providing a full range of services to how you adjust to your new home.

We hope you not only enjoy your flight but also brim with amazing life experience with us in dynamic China!

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At Smile Aviation we are committed to being your 1st choice of flight crew leasing consultant in China.

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