We are willing to answer any questions you might have in finding an ideal job.

*Please contact us for more information on pilot jobs through the specified email below.It would be appreciated if you could offer us your background details so that we can make tailored assistance for you .

*Should you have any complaints or Suggestions during the communication, please feel free to write to feedback@smile-aviation.com Your demand is the direction of our progress .



*Please feel free to get in touch with one of our consultants for any further questions through:

Ms.Catherine Liu(For All Boeing Type)


Phone:+86 0755 2345 9066

Whatsapp : +86 132 5359 5564

Ms.Gloria Gong(For Airbus/ERJ/other type)


Phone: +86 0755 2345 3327

Whatsapp : +86 136 8245 0912

*For other cooperation, pls contact:

Ms.Gloria Gong (agency/individual collaboration, overseas roadshow, advertising platform)


Phone: +86 0755 2345 3327

Whatsapp:+86 136 8245 0912

Local support outside China like Brazil, Korea is available for asking.